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Wireless glue order of advantage

Used for wireless rubber subscribes, hardcover core stick back, system shell and submits a shell and paperback books, magazines and manual bag cover processes etc. Binding with gum basically has the following kinds: starch paste adhesive (starch paste, dextrin), animal glue (bone glue), cellulose bonding agent, synthetic resin binder (poly vinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, hot melt adhesive), etc.

1. Starch paste adhesive

(l) starch paste. Books binding with starch paste (also called paste) mainly from wheat, corn, potatoes, rice extract of starch as the raw material, the starch (5% ~ 12%) and water (95% one 88%) heating to 80 ℃ above and manufactured. Master correct modulation temperature, paste will have stronger bond force. When the temperature is too low, starch can not completely gelatinization, cementing force weak and not easy to use; When the temperature is higher, paste will gradually become vitreous transparent body, continue to heat up, can quickly cut sizy cohesive force.

Paste is binding commonly used adhesive materials, widely used in adhesive paper, cloth and paper Biao paste, stick cover, HuanChen, plasma back processing, unfavorable adhesive bonding strength of the high demand on the machining parts. Paste the sources of the raw materials is wide, easy fabrication, tasteless, non-toxic, low cost, easy to use. Paste has certain adhesive fastness, but easy to suction deliquescence, and make the adherend off. Paste easy fermentation, mold that corruption, to prevent corruption, often add a small amount of formaldehyde, so it's best to now system active.

(2) dextrin. Dextrin raw material still with starch is given priority to, and paste photograph, its viscosity of strong, quick drying, good diaphaneity, can long time place not metamorphism, use a wide.

Dextrin not only soluble in hot water, but also soluble in cold water with into various concentration of adhesive, general use density is 45% ~ 50% of dextrin water solution as paper, textile, adhesive.

Dextrin dry film is brittle, adhesion force is not strong, if use dextrin sticky lacquer wood and paper, dry easily from dextrin layer opened. Therefore can join l % to 2% of glycerol in order to improve the flexibility of the film, Add 0.65% ~ 1% of borax, can improve the fastness of cyclodextrin and bonding.

2. Collagen

Collagen is the main component of gelatin protein, purity low says bone glue or hide glue, high purity called gelatin. Collagen in normal temperature is solid purulent hard block. In cold water can't melt, but it can suction and expansion. When making an animal bone, skin, Angle as raw material, extracted from it has sealability glue protein and manufactured.

Collagen bond strength is high, finalize the design good, because moisture content is low, the drying speed faster, used to make hardcover shell and spine cloth, spine paper, the wall cloth bonding. Collagen long water resistant, encounter water can make glue line expansion, lose bond strength, if water weight more than 20%, will corruption metamorphism.

Use bone glue, glue should be according to 1, water 2's share of the proportion in the water soak 10 h or so, use in the bath heat method, its heating to 70 ~ 75 (good melted into liquid, wait for liquid flow can be normal use after. Heating temperature more than 100 ℃ when liquid cement aging metamorphism. The animal glue widely used, and the source is limited, has gradually replaced by synthetic rubber.

Gelatin in book binding are rarely used, because of its high price, usually in high-grade album or special processing using.

3. Cellulose adhesive

Cellulose adhesive also called paper hair paste, no food paste. Used in book binding cellulose adhesive is carboxymethyl cellulose adhesive. Paper hair paste no commodity sale, is with the cutting edge of the paper to process. Is commonly the paper hair after smashing, through chemical method alkali lands, ether ratio, then through neutralization treatment and water is made. Because of its wide raw material sources, so has been applied in printing industry.

Paper hair paste after drying of bonding performance is good, film has good elasticity, save stable performance, not gone mouldy, do not be afraid of rat bite bug eat by moth, starch paste is the substitute.

Paper hair paste can be used for bonding inset, lining page, package cover, dry faster than starch paste slowly, such as with polyvinyl alcohol mixed use, the effect is good.

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