Folding printing skills
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Folding printing skills

A, impact type folding principle
With the aid of longitudinal fold triangle, along the longitudinal paper won the first fold, activity knife out of folding drum impact folded zhang, the paper push to two consecutive rotating folding roll 4 between, the folding post compaction, and transmitted to the post flower drum. According to the principle of folding folding device is called impact type folding machine. Impact type folding machine structure is simple, suitable for high speed printing, folding accuracy is a bit low.
Second, the roller folding folding principle
Have broken cut to fold the paper in the folding drum 2 and output roller 1, 4 by pick needle pick live rotation, in the rolling cylinder and able online, elastic knife 5 will paper 3 jacking drum 2 gap, plywood 6 and 7 along the line will be its grip, and the drum 2 away, folding knife from fell out. Use a cylinder folding knives and another cylinder plate in the relative rolling finish folding device called roller folding machine.
Rolling folding machine folding precision, speed, usually in web books on rotary printing press. According to the completed paper folding frequency, folding 1 type, use different Numbers of folding drum and folding scheme.
Three, knife folding principle
Knife folding is to use knife 1 will paper 4 press in two relative rotation between the folding roll 2, again by folding roll sent out, complete a folding process. Finish after folding paper is belt away into the second fold, the third fold.
Knife folding has higher accuracy, and book 1 creasing pressure real, because the movement of the knife inertia, folding slower.
Four, fences folding principle
By losing page device sent the printed sheet 4, after two rotating folding roll 2, conveying to the folding the fence and crashed into the fence guard 5, printed sheet was forced to bending into half-and-half shape folding into folding roll 3 intermediate, complete the first folding folding, and then will fold over ten percent of the book post to the next folding fence, in the same way the second and the third fold. The end be sent to paper receiver station, finishing a book stick folding work.

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