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Lacquer ware printing technology introduction

Screen printing has been introducing traditional industry, one of them is the lacquer ware industry, bowl, drawer, boxes and other representative lacquer ware products can also with modern way of life by itself, now has developed a variety of purpose to adapt to the lacquer wares, through a variety of printing methods of implementation of the, improve the product's value. In these adornment method, application more is in the silver and gold powder silk screen lacquer ware.
1. The screen printing and lacquer ware filming technology. Lacquer technology in wood is filming, plastic spraying on the bottom of the first black lacquer, red paint, again with paint on the surface design, and then in the paint dry sclerosis with gold, silver before the methods, including class is flat painted, high filming draw filming, grinding paint draw filming.
Filming process, with the screen printing on, there is a manual and automatic two kinds, general with manual give priority to. The first step of filming the designs made outline plate, in the process of screen printing belongs to the plate making, so CongLve. The following description in sequence.
2. Printing equipment. For basin, drawer, box of planar printing equipment can be. First edition on the stage, and then on the stage and positioning lacquer, the localization fixed lacquer ware. A large printing, want to have the positioning and fixed device (for example, their objects can be inserted convex wood type machine), layout and printing the clearance for 1 ~ 2 mm. Cans, bowl of surface of things printing printing, screen version with round for the center, scraper down, their content upward run, when scraper, screen printing and things at contact, silk screen version of the rotating force squeegee pressure make things spin printing, printing.
3. Printing paint modulation. Here is the only way to do a simple introduction paint. Paint itself can be used as the printing ink, paint of low viscosity, mingling with the bubbles to print face blister, cannot achieve precise printing request. Therefore, to make the paint to good ink state, they require modulation. Compared with other coating, paint drying conditions completely different, is by oxidation of drying, therefore, need to control temperature, humidity. Printing paint the viscosity of the adjustment: three oxidation 2 iron, oxide, protein, no water and mixing paint silicate, fully cooked, seal 4 ~ 5, can be adjusted for about 500 viscosity tabor, can be printed with ink.
4. Paint (ink) dry and filming time. Paint dry by the influence of the temperature and humidity is larger, the temperature of the best dry conditions for 30 to 35 ℃, humidity 75% ~ 80%. Filming time and the drying time is proportional to paint (ink) the greater the viscosity of dry the faster.
5. Printing precision. Adjust the paint of paint (ink) liquid in more than 65% or below 40%, as printing conditions is not so ideal. That is much liquid paint, take off a version of the bad, stay have traces of paint. Especially in the surface that printing, along the direction of the printing can obviously to see. In addition, paint liquid for a little while and paint of poor liquidity, printing design face is not stable, with traces of the Internet, especially in printing gold, silver, the nets mark is very clear. With screen plate making generally use 250 ~ 300 purpose nylon nets, the accuracy of the good. Due to the special paint dry conditions, so not prone to screen plugging the holes phenomenon, printing operation is good.

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