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Special color black and the four color black

1, monochrome black and the four color black
Usually prints black text part must adopt monochrome black, can not use four color black or mixed color black.
Monochrome black, refers to K100, C0, M0, Y0
Four color black, refers to K100, C100 and M100, Y100 (if printing set of line homemade words, you should choose 4 color black, but usually from film output automatically add, no artificial finish.
Mixed black, refers to K100, CX, MX, YX
2, special color
A, what is special color
Usually, the C, M, Y, K outside of the color ink to printing, we call it special color.
B, why want to use special color printing
(1) for less than four color printing (also called overprint)
For example: below by the CMYK color way process printing process, on the vision two red, green two color need CMY3 a version to printing complete.
This illustration shows the special color printing plate way, directly with green and red LiangZhuan the color printing. The whole process for two edition, relative to the above CMYK method reduces the printing times and cost.
Special color version of the production, can use the PANTONE color matching system Settings, in the work the total chromatic number less than 4 color, also can use C, M, Y, K any a monochrome channel to realize special color.
(2) because CMYK color gamut limit, for CMYK can't stack out effect, general also USES special color printing.
For example: in golden, silver colour.
3, dieyin
Below is about superimposition principle of graphical effects.
PHOTOSHOP superimposition Settings using "mutiply" layer blending mode;
CORELDRAW superimposition Settings using right-click the popup menu "superimposition fill" "superimposition profile";
ILLUSTRATOR superimposition Settings are in attribute tool selection panel.

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