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SGP the authentication: the United States sustainable green printing the authentication

SGP is English Sustainable Green Printing initials, meaning for Sustainable Green Printing; And SGP Partnership is an independent non-profit cooperation organization, for printing imaging industry provide the sustainable development of green authentication service. SGP Partnership was founded in 2008 by some top industry organization such as printing industry association (PIA), professional image association (SGIA), flexo printing technology association (FTA), and the national printing ink manufacturers association (NAPIM) launched operation. In the SGP cooperation organization established before, what is sustainable green printing, green printing products, such as how to define the concept are rather vague.
SGP for printing enterprise's sustainable development set the benchmark, and point out the direction of the efforts. Its review standards cover each link, respectiely on printing product itself, the use of raw materials (printing, printing ink, coating material things, and so on), the process of production, printing and postpress equipment, packaging equipment, the factory environment, energy consumption, employees, all kinds of supportive activities, etc.
SGP cooperation the organization's mission is to encourage environmental protection and sustainable green printing, spread all over the world that will print of the impact on the environment to reduce to the smallest method and process. It for printing enterprise's sustainable development are constantly improve guidance, to manufacturing enterprises to promote all kinds of "best" operation means, for those who accord with the sustainable development of the enterprise standard issue SGP the authentication report.
SGP several guiding principle:
As far as possible to use those renewable, reusable raw materials, or the minimum environmental impact of raw materials, materials and energy circulating, renewable using maximization.
In the whole supply chain and encourage to keep pace with The Times, positive change to use those in offspring will not harm raw materials.
On the market, and end users education and let them know to circular economy can give them benefits.

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