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Aluminum foil in the packaging industry application prospect

In recent years, China's packaging industry rapid rise, all sorts of new packing material emerge in endlessly. Especially the application of aluminum foil in the packaging industry more and more shows unique superior performance, for aluminum foil in the packaging industry consumption, and formed a new market growth, open a new incremental space with global packaging industry's rapid development, packaging has become an important pillar industry in the developed countries. In the United States, packaging has become the third largest industry; In Europe, packing has is the seventh largest industry.

Global packaging industry development, greatly promote the consumption of aluminum foil, aluminum foil packing industry become the largest consumer market application. According to the European aluminum foil industry association, Europe has more than 70% of the aluminum foil used in all kinds of packaging products. In the United States this ratio reaches as high as 75%, the aluminum foil packing in Japan consumption accounted for 70%, and were the only food packaging is accounted for 30% of consumption in aluminum foil.

At present, in the global about $600 billion packaging consumption market, China has become a second only to the United States and Japan's third packaging powers. With China's packaging industry's rapid development, the application of aluminum foil in the packaging field also realization increase quickly. China aluminum foil packing consumption is about 110000 tons/year, including cigarette packing about 38000 tons of aluminum foil, accounted for 34.5%; Food packing about 20000 tons of aluminum foil, accounted for 18.2%; Dairy products about 9000 tons of aluminum foil packing, accounted for 8.2%; Cosmetic product packing about 5000 tons of aluminum foil, accounted for 4.5%; Other aluminum foil packing about 10000 tons, accounting for 9.1%.

China aluminum foil in the packaging industry application ratio and the developed countries than also has the very big disparity.

Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is developed in recent years to a kind of new-type packing, it has moistureproof, fresh special effect, modern packaging is a very ideal packaging products. It is the use of aluminum foil and plastic material made of composite bag packaging containers (such as: cooking bags, standing bag). In developed countries, flexible packaging has become the main food, beverage packaging forms, especially in Europe, America, Japan developed countries has been the most widely used. At present flexible packaging is the mainstream of global food packaging, 2005 global flexible packaging output value has reached 65.8 billion us dollars, average growth in more than 5%, become a global future recent years in the most impact on packaging ten kind of packaging technology. In recent years China's flexible packaging market development soon, every year is increasing by 9.5%, second only to the 12% increase in India. The rise of flexible packaging in China with rapid development, make every year consumption aluminum foil in 20000 tons above, the future will have a larger market incremental space.

Lu: su composite packaging

In the modern packaging, almost all the requirement not pervious to light or high barrier composite material products, the aluminum foil packing products barrier layer, the dosage of the most, the most widely used be lu: su composite packaging. In the aluminum-plastic packaging materials, the following lu: su composite packaging development prospect especially be BaoZhuangJie value. Lu: su composite tank material by aluminum foil and plastic film and kraft liner compound and into, through the processing is made in the shape of the BaoZhuangGuan, with non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution characteristics, and recycling use, is the market a lot of use of tin can, cooking pot and other liquid packaging container substitute, especially suitable for frozen food, simply food packaging and dress oil, market usage is considerable. Lu: su composite membrane by aluminum foil and high strength, heat sealing plastic film compound and into, has the barrier, mechanical and heat sealing performance, it is a kind of extremely potential application of good lu: su composite software packaging materials, widely used in food, chemicals and military supplies packaging. Lu: su composite hoses are made of aluminum foil and plastic or resin composite, again by tube equipment processing into tubular semi-rigid packaging products, mainly used for paste, dewiness product packaging, such as toothpaste, ointment, cosmetics and daily chemical products packaging container. Lu: su composite hose with isolation sex good, not easy to break, clean aesthetic advantages. In the developed countries such as Europe and the United States, more than 90% of toothpaste use lu: su composite hose packaging, and at present China has adopted the packing ratio is less than 5%. Every year China lu: su composite hose consumption aluminum foil about 5000 tons, with the emerging market development, aluminum foil in the field of consumption will get rapid development.
Wine seal packing
Wine seal packing is in recent years along with the beer health standards and produce a new type of packing material. Due to the aluminum foil have good ductility can, tensile performance and printed characteristics, widely used in beer, wine and advanced soy sauce bottlenecks, bottle mouth sealed package.
In recent years, with the Chinese food consumption habits change, beer consumption soar. In 2005 the beer production 30.62 million tons, for many years the world's first, the aluminum foil packing and then increase quickly, achieve years consumption aluminum foil 10000 tons above, and there are still large incremental space.
Pet food packaging
In recent years, the pet food made with aluminum foil packing products in Europe and the United States market development soon, at present in China is still a remains to be developed blank market, its application and consumption potential is very great. In addition, with the new packaging technology development, the selective through the aluminum foil packing, freeze the aluminum foil packing, prevent condensation aluminum foil packing, aseptic packaging, tetra pak and other new packing will for aluminum foil in the packaging field application opens a series of new incremental market space. From the China packaging industry development prospects look, China in food are brought forward in the field of agricultural industrialization development planning, food processing as an important priority development fields, expected future food packaging value will increase each year and 12%. Dairy products, beverage has become today's most growth industry, all kinds of flexible packaging varieties have appeared in the market.
At present Chinese medicine packaging annual output value is 15 billion yuan, can only meet China pharmaceutical enterprise 80% of the packaging requirements, is expected to "11th five-year plan" period, pharmaceutical packaging industry will achieve rapid development. In the daily chemical industry, cosmetic products are entering the market boom, a huge potential for development, in the packaging industry is updated and the fastest growing market in. Therefore, the future of China's aluminium foil demand growth space mainly in aluminum foil packing supporting a capacity pet big market.

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