Willingness to buy new equipment decline in newspaper industry
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Willingness to buy new equipment decline in newspaper industry
At present, although the global printing amount increase slightly, but mainly reflects in emerging countries, where people's cultural and rich degree unceasing enhancement, to promote the increased demand for printing. Specifically, packaging, labels and film printing profit a lot.
From the global group marketing data for commercial and newspaper rotary press order amount by 2006 euros in 1.9 billion fell to 2011 euros in 500 million. According to the revised forecast, global group expected in the next few years to keep a small amount of low growth. To this, global group must come up with corresponding measures to deal with the German printing market atrophy, such as around the cheap model, extending the varieties of printing machine.
Reported that in places such as Hong Kong, Brazil, Canada and Luxembourg, now some newspaper wants to extend the service life of their existing equipment, they think that no need to spend a lot of money to purchase the new machine, can take various measures, such as reducing printing paper tape width or improve the quality of printing, provide new add-ons or equipped with the new console Pecom printing control center.
Gaussian in Malaysia, sin chew daily group implemented a reform project, to 32 pages printing tower single face in adding new machine control unit, so that we can meet the requirements of the next 10 years.
Sweden's wire binding equipment manufacturers Tolerans opens up the possibility of make tabloid with a perforated thumb retrieval, so easy to find each section. The solution by installed in the tape order of two die cutting roller of the machine. The size and shape of the die cutting variable. These paper products beautiful, imaginative and practical solutions for newspaper printing plant is expected to achieve the best level. (Gold Printing Group)
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