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Ink-jet printing will make up the United States in 2016 according to the survey printing with a 56% share of the market
Recently conducted a about "inkjet printing will change the office print mode?" The investigation and study. According to the survey, predicts that by 2016, commercial inkjet printing will account for 56% of the printing market share in the United States, and the laser printing will account for 44%.
Research indicates that inkjet enterprises should identify key customers, and take the appropriate sales and marketing strategy. At the same time, the research also lists the United States office of commercial inkjet printing technology development opportunities.
Research shows that in the us market at present, the commercial inkjet printers and multi-function printer unit shipments beyond laser printer unit shipments, and ink-jet technology will become the mainstream of the market in a certain period of time. In this study, low costs, 77% of respondents said they choose inkjet printer rather than the laser printer.
Survey research involves various aspects of the inkjet market, including: the user attitude of inkjet technology analysis, to identify customers and boost sales marketing strategy advice, mainstream U.S. companies and end users to think is the most important product features and functionality, the inkjet market scale and prediction. (Gold Printing Group)
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