Britain's online publishers will double in the next two years
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Britain's online publishers will double in the next two years
Recently, on the London book fair, according to a survey about publishing technology: in Britain, the number of institutions have their own online rights to double in the next two years will achieve.
The study directed by Bowker, market research, but now has two thirds of the publishers in establishing reader groups, and the data in the next two years will reach 90%. Among them, a quarter of the publishers in 2015, the hope can have 7 or more of the formal operation of network community, if on the prediction of the sharp rise in the online publication will can become a reality, then the average number of online community has will be taken from each company is now 2.1 / home rose to more than 5 / home two years later. Object of the survey covers, including trade and academic fields, the us and the UK publishers, studies have shown that at least 86% of the publisher has at least one online website.
The research from two aspects of perceptual and rational reveals publishers to enter the field of mobile Internet:
84% of publishers say they will increase online community in the next two years the money, only 14% of publishers not high maintenance costs and stagnant; 64% of publishers to admit their investment in the online community of this market has been showing results, there are 24% of people think that will work in a short time.
73% of publishers think online community to better serve their readers; 72% of trade book publisher said online community, which will help expand the direct link with the customer; 45% of people said, they can through the online community provides a good marketing support or sales channels. 40% of the academic and professional book publishers, said online community played the beneficial effects of increasing knowledge and understanding of the customer; 40% of people think that online communities to make them have more want to know the content.
Although at present only 16% of respondents approved the feasibility of online marketing, but they can't ignore is the online community is becoming one of the most vibrant trade way, respectively, 40% 40% of the electronic books and academic publishers sold by way of online sales.
Jane Tappuni publishing technology's director of business development, said: "the sales of online communities have far more than physical books, this led to a growing number of trade and academic publishers tend to use the platform to build their core readers more strong ties. Through direct communication with them to know more about their needs." (Gold Printing Group)
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