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2013 American inkjet technology summit recently held ceremoniously
From April 9 to 11, 2013, ink-jet technology summit was held in Florida, from professional suppliers and enterprise senior managers in the field of inkjet technology took part in the meeting, discusses the future development direction of inkjet technology together, sharing the future development of the enterprise strategy and made a high evaluation for the meeting.
SOFT PRINT company President John M.L acagnina said: "the inkjet technology summit let people to understand the present situation of inkjet technology development and market demand, provides the supplier with the user face to face communication opportunity. The advantages and disadvantages of ink-jet technology can be revealed here, all of these can help us to make more informed decisions."
CGX company's technology printing head John McGrath said: "this meeting to purchasers of inkjet technology suppliers and ink-jet equipment is very important. It provides technical sharing environment, inkjet solutions can help interested buyers and suppliers to reach an agreement."
Ricoh company vice President George Promis said: "the inkjet summit provides participants with a unique opportunity, they talk to each other, share ideas and discuss the future development of ink-jet technology direction and significance in the printing industry in the future. The summit also included a new BBS, customers and suppliers together on the BBS, people communicate at any time, to discuss new inkjet technology, we are very like the summit of this way of innovation, and hope to do better next year."
Vice President of the American Canon Guy Broadhurst said: "the Canon inkjet printing technology can become a market leader in the important reason is that we value customer's needs. We know their needs, understand their business situation, and help them formulate development strategies and major investment decisions give professional advice to them. By 2016, ink-jet printing will account for a third of the amount of digital printing, we help our customers to convert ink-jet technology into competitive advantage."
The inkjet technology summit theme speech sponsors: Canon, ricoh, xerox, Vinci paper. Other sponsors: Appleton paper, EFI, Fuji, GMC software, global group, konica minolta, mitsubishi, martini, etc.
The purpose of this meeting is a gathering shows advanced inkjet printing solutions, discuss the future development of ink-jet technology, achieve the win-win of suppliers and customers! (Gold Printing Group)
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