USES small printing: use a technology and service
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USES small printing: use a technology and service
Reports of printing has been destroyed is too exaggerated.In order to survival and development, many small printing plant is investment technology, to provide customers a series of service from design and digital tracking to mail.
Small commercial printing enterprise by providing one-stop services to help their clients.Recently, since most templates small batch and strong variability, most of the printing machine printing enterprise profit is less, using a large and small commercial printing factory boss may rent or buy a digital printing machine, it is good for their competition with larger printing plant.Another let them thrive, the boss said, the reason is that they can provide personalized service, which is the larger companies do not.
Small printer also meet the basic needs of a lot of customers - storage.One-time print runs are relatively cheap, but not all customers have a place to store.For those with large order want to lower the price but no place to store the printed products provide free storage place.
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