The development of network printing in Germany
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The development of network printing in Germany
The latest release of concerned investigation shows, in 2012 is located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland only engaged in network printing enterprise sales of 1.7 billion euros, and in 2013, that number is expected to increase to 2.1 billion euros.One leading Cewe Color printing enterprises Holding company's sales rose 7.8% year-on-year in the first half of 2013, 218.2 million euros.According to statistics, the main business growth from network printing business, 60.4%.In the face of network printing this huge business opportunities, Germany printing experts how to view the network market?
The next two years, the German network printing market each of the German printing printing market share will increase from 10% to 18%.
Traditional printing landscape network printing will fission.A lot of printing enterprise will be like a novice to re-enter the market.On the achievements of traditional printing market has been printing enterprise, lay not in the past glories, must reconsider a new business model.
The rule of the Internet is completely suitable for network printing business.That includes a good user experience, professional system, the structure of the flexible e-commerce, 24-hour customer service support and meet the requirements of more personalized custom-made.
There are many different operation mode network printing.To develop their own mode of operation: either based on the special products, special niche market (niche), or based on the special service, will succeed.
Network printing enterprise size doesn't matter, each willing to open up the online market and learn and adapt to the rules of agile enterprise, to be able to find their own position.Network printing enterprise simply by building the network platform, to fit the era of the past!Now need a detailed plan, excellent market knowledge and differentiated business model.
Really able to dominate the future network printing market of printing enterprise will be given priority to with large, often they are able to provide efficient production, high quality products and fast delivery service, etc.And large printing companies can provide looking forward to meet the market product and price, and the brand influence, marketing, customer service, efficient production organization process also has the advantage.
The future of the network printing is very good, but how to realize the continuous and stable production is the key to the current.
For small and medium-sized printing enterprise, they must first occupy a niche market, or the best be the creator of a new business model.Especially need to be in before printing, network operations and information technology costs a huge energy and financial resources.Network printing is not included with the secondary project, if there is no determination and courage, it is difficult to stick it out.
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