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More than 2013 global regional paper book publishing has taken

2013 paper has taken the book was published, in many areas of the world for eight of the country's book market monitoring shows that except India, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Italy, Brazil and other countries the paper book sales are down, one of Australia's paper book sales fell 15% in 2011, Ireland fell 21%, but India grew by 11.6% year on year.Germany 2013 book sales are at new highs 2000 years of the second: the germans to buy printed books and e-books of the total amount of 4.2 billion euros, which are not included in the teaching material and professional books, than the previous year increased by 1%.Changes in temperature uneven market situation will give us what kind of enlightenment?
Children's books to resist stress
Australian book sales in 2013 than in 2011, 2012 fell by 15% and 15% respectively, 55.4 million copies, with 2012 increased significantly by means of "fifty degrees grey" series of adult fiction market compared to the market segment fell 18.5% in 2013 to 13.2 million volumes of books, children's books bucked the rose 4.6% to 29.4 million volumes of books, the paper book market in Australia accounted for 45%.
Expansion of retail sales growth
In 2013 the German book sales almost to a high level of 2010.The favour of books is still the germans.In music, games, software applications, movies, audio and video entertainment market and book, up to 42% of the books market dominance.Total in 2013, the entertainment market is steadily rising, especially for audio and video and books, music, games, software application has a slight decline.Germany's book market growth on the one hand, from the books of average prices higher, on the other hand, thanks to the development of digital products.GfK research showed that in 2013, sales of e-books and listen to nearly 200 million euros, growth of about 50% on the previous year.Other areas outside of the books in the entertainment market, sales of digital products also achieve 20% growth.Overall, in 2013, over the age of 10 one 5 in the German consumers purchased the digital entertainment products.In 2012 after "fifty degrees grey" series of best-selling, the first big book category - fiction books market retreat, however, guide and travel books at 5% and 3% respectively presents the upward momentum, the reason is that a holiday for Germany market continued to be strong.
In India, statistics cover only 25% of the book market, the data showed that India's 2013 book sales growth of 11.5%, in the field of retail expansion is one of the main reasons.

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