The Ukrainian government plans to cancel publishing incentives
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The Ukrainian government plans to cancel publishing incentives
As the Crimean declared independence from Ukraine and Russia's accession, the Ukrainian government is considering to cancel the existing preferential tax policies and other incentives for domestic book publishing, in order to achieve the purpose of raising more money for the state budget.
If the plan into practice, Ukraine publishers will lose existing value-added tax and income tax preferential.Could restore the original plan, the Ukrainian government is likely to cut their earlier proposed to support the new bookstore.At present, there are about 600 stores in Ukraine, the total population of 46 million.In addition, the government of Ukraine and may no longer bank loan interest subsidies for local publishers.
Ukraine's top press editorial director, said: "we don't think it can bring much benefit to the national budget. In fact, Ukraine's titles were (including Ukrainian and Russian) is small, impact on the state budget does not constitute a basic. And this kind of mistake will bring adverse effect to the whole country."
All kinds of preferential policies can lead to the cancellation of Ukraine's book prices, or may even reach twice.In Ukraine in 47 million books published throughout the year, 80% of Russian.As the continuous tense relations between Russia and the Ukraine, this situation will soon change. (Gold Printing Group)
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