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Under the practical application of ink

Ink is luminous ree activate alkaline acid salt aluminum, silicate high-tech spontaneous light products. Their outstanding characteristic is to absorb the light absorption stored various lights above 10-30 minutes after the visible light can be in the dark night and day for 10 to 12 or more hours of light, the light intensity and duration is traditional Ins luminous material of 30 to 50 times, and unlimited time cycle use, do not contain any radioactive elements, silk screen best effect, 80-120 mesh. Can work on various materials.
Yellow, red, blue, blue, purple five varieties of luminous pigment.
The wide application of luminous pigment:
Mark location: will this material used in electric switch, remote control board, wall switch, plug, lock, portable torch, the handle, armrest, fire fighting equipment, fire alarm, life-saving equipment, and so on, can be labeled the existing location, convenient use.
Prevent danger happening: the material used for signal, note writing, emergency evacuation passageway and subway station, underground passage, human engineering, kara OK hall, ballroom, FangYingTing, supermarket sells, hospital, railway station, airport, dock, shelter, etc can rise to prevent danger happening role.
Building: the material coating on the building walls, ceramic tile, the elevator surface, Bridges, roads, road signs such as nails, roadblocks, port, outdoor advertising, etc are not only beautiful and practical value. Other: such as handicraft, amber, crystal sand, glass, picture; Toys, plastic toys, puzzles, blocks; Clothing, shoes and hats, gloves, uniforms, t-shirts, t-shirts, helmet, printing accessories; Calendar, fishing tackle, etc.
Various emitting light pigment has its best use scope and conditions of use, please refer to the specific instructions or light pigment technical consultation.
The pigment more than major, when using, pay attention to blending.
Should be stored in ventilation, dry environment, pay attention to moistureproof, not a finished using light-emitting pigment should pay attention to seal preservation.
Metal material on the luminous property have great influence, should try to avoid contact with metal materials.
Shine pigment packing, transportation and storage:
Packing: in plastic bags for inner packing products waterproof, and desiccant; The outer packing use cardboard boxes or drum packaging, can also according to the customer request, the other forms of packaging.
Transportation: transportation from mechanical collision, extrusion, keep packing integrity, and prevent weathered, not stand on his head.
Storage: should be stored in ventilation, dry environment, pay attention to moistureproof.

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