For small publishers of article 9 digital Suggestions
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For small publishers of article 9 digital Suggestions

Recently, a fact becomes increasingly clear: publishers should terminal consumer rather than retailers as their main customers. The situation than the publishers are expected to much faster, and it makes them feel very nerve-wracking. In books published in the field, for this kind of mode based on the impact of the retail release has continued for several years, this is in be change and retail network caused by the change of consumer reading habits of being under the stimulus. And the appearance of digital publication is also accelerates the the process.
Digital publishing a development path lies in the cloud publishing field, and do everything possible to achieve and all the direct link with readers.
For the small publishers, a global change often brings a troubled, can't control of the situation. We want to build a vertical community. For our customers to create a platform, to expand our business. But the digital is vast engineering, not all publishers can copy from and landon, o house of the path of the development. In this increasingly global industry, these small industry participants to how to choose appropriate strategy to respond to the global instability?
Of course, in Britain and the United States, also have such a group of companies, they also because the scale small and face the same challenges, but at least they can and those larger competitors share together with a worldwide market, this will be for them to bring a lot of important advantages, such as related to the sale of the right and the global audience group. But for from the English market (such as the Netherlands and small country) publications colleagues for, and how to?
Many publishers and digital publishing manager as this issue published opinions of his own, a common theme in all final boil down to: choose your battlefield. In your annual income is far lower than the langdon bookstore marketing budget, you can't on the same level with the legitimate.
Therefore, I for small companies gave the advice has the following 9:
Focus on building a the good performance of digital infrastructure, so that you can quickly published various formats of books, and can support you will face various channels issue.
Look for can help you to expand the scale of suitable partner, and gradually form clients ideas.
Unless you to App application products profit very confident, otherwise the cautious investment, because you are not likely to earn back your investment.
To make as much use of every distribution channels to get to what you can reach as much as possible of the user, even the smallest audience also can't let go.
First to strive for quick profits-not just in digital given to investment. In order to ensure that the enterprise can continue to live, and your eyes shall have been tight stare at a financial the bottom line.
Even for those for the English language for the small country, there is also an international market, you need to do is put your books show up.
Make sure you want to do and needs to do a job, have the right to use the right of related.
Amazon, Google and apple, all of you in the local market a threat. But they also provides you with a global audience for the best chance.
As far as possible to become you currently have and are going to have the best partner of the authors.
This information can simply enrichment is: don't wait until all happened only start action. Begun a digital, began to learn knowledge. This is a few years ago I had listened to renounce, but unfortunately, this just is many publishers have not fully comprehend the truth.

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