With the security printing paper
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With the security printing paper
1. The copy paper
The copy is to prevent the original copy machine and the original after a completely different products, can prevent forgery. The purpose is to let the copy of the copy of the text, graphics, information content becomes completely cannot identify state. According to the anti-counterfeiting technology can be divided into the decorative pattern of paper printing hidden text, decorative pattern, design of the copy paper; Use the color characteristics of the copy paper; Contain light color material and copy paper; Contains color-changed materials and the copy paper; Contains of organic material of the light copy paper; Contain fluorescent substance of the copy paper; Using light of the principle of the flood launch copy paper and use of polarized light and copy paper.
2. Magnetic anti-counterfeiting paper
The principle of magnetic anti-counterfeiting paper is on paper base material of magnetically coated magnetic powder, or in manufacturing paper will magnetic powder in a specific way to join pulp, so that the ChaoZao out paper with magnetic. This kind of magnetic paper in the parts of the magnetic powder to feel different from other common paper, especially with the metal by magnetic induction identification equipment or identifier, and different from other ordinary paper. Can be used to produce false trademark, anti-counterfeiting magnetic his card and high-grade packaging computer identification magnetic security labels, etc.
3. Thermal anti-counterfeiting paper
Thermal security is mainly will thermal paper material coating on paper and get on base, using thermal physical hot reversible change color characteristics to identify authenticity. Heat show color, cooling fade and repeated display characteristics. At present, thermal paper mainly has security liquid crystal and colorless dye two kinds big.
4. Digital ShuiYinZhi
Digital watermarking technology is to use the method of digital signal processing in the embedded in multimedia data concealed mark, the mark is usually not visible, only through the special detector or reader can extract. Can is text, owner of the ID code product, 2 d images, audio-visual audio information, random sequence, etc. Mainly used for copyright protection, identity identification, copy protection and media tracking, may also used for confidential communications, many language film system, access to the network media restrictions and additional information, divided into the visible watermarking and not visible watermarking two kinds. Visible watermarking can only be used for the image of the fixed place, is used to identify the ownership of the works; No visible watermarking for visual not visible, mainly for the identification of the right and track work belongs to the source of the works.
5. Photochromic anti-counterfeiting paper
The so-called photochromic certain characteristics is the light color changes, leave light go back to them; Photochromic anti-counterfeiting paper is containing these substances anti-counterfeiting paper. The existing photochromic anti-counterfeiting paper basically has two kinds: one is induced color anti-counterfeiting paper, this is the most widely used at present and the most mature technology, almost all the country's notes are adopting induced color ink printing currency anti-counterfeiting mark; The bank to identify, as long as the currency in uv lamp, can see that particular part anti-counterfeiting mark, leave the uv light source will not display. Another kind is the natural light to change color anti-counterfeiting paper, this paper color of light source is natural light, including general indoor light, and not just in the sun light. The security of the paper application more convenient, but is still remain to be improved.
6. Add QianWeiSi, color point of encryption security paper
This paper is in the process of anti-counterfeiting paper pulp with QianWeiSi or color point is made. This paper is the earliest form of security in paper pulp in add non-ferrous plant fiber, now commonly used has the following several kinds of forms:
(1) add color paper pulp in chemical fibre or fluorescent fiber, the former with the naked eye is on paper to see, the latter must be in the uv irradiation can appear below; The color with red, blue, orange is in the majority, form can be rough can fine, long or short.
(2) in the process will metal wire, surface of the plastic film gilded with silk, fluorescent metal wire, plating has to change the material optical thin film or magnetic materials insert paper layer, the silk thread on the copy process difficult to reproduce, and therefore, as a kind of effective anti-counterfeiting means is widely used.
(3) will have optical change function (such as fluorescence, shine or discolored) material, general is plastic film or metallic flake, make certain shapes such as round or polygonal pieces of paper scattered in layer; Its characteristic is with the naked eye can identify and copier hard to reproduce.
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