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The United States printing 2012 revenue is expected to micro growth

According to the American's largest industry survey research organization, market research company sets scholastic sankei database (IBISWorld) of the printing industry released recently, researchers report in 2012, with the gradual improvement of economic environment, the printing business income is expected to get 0.5% of the small increase to $796 billion.
In the past five years, the printing business income in at the rate of 5.5% every year down, and the prospect of the development of the whole industry is not optimistic.
IBISWorld company's industry analyst carter Lynn's mayer (CaitlinMoldvay) said that the United States and printing industry in the past five years had very many difficulties and challenges, consumers are also more and more like to use digital media to replace printed material. She said: "for many media products it, printing need time was too long, and distribution costs is high, therefore, new media began to race to print media market share."
At present, the printing is becoming a more and more competition of the industry, with the rise of digital technology, printing market will become much more narrow. Sales of the print and printing wages decline also harm the interests of the most printing enterprise. And because the printing excess capacity are getting more and more serious and technical renewal of too rapidly, printing enterprise the integration will become more and more.
So far, the number of American printing enterprise will drop to 2.62. Enterprise merger would make large-scale printing enterprise in the high equipment and lower labor costs. This trend has in some enterprise merger cases get on Tuesday. The merger of enterprises and number of jobs for the printing industry appear declined by 2012, America's printing employees will drop to 463900 people.
The report shows that in the past five years, sales decline and prints of printing unit price slide has serious impact on the American printing enterprise business profits. But along with the printing industry further differentiation, printing enterprise only continue to invest in new technology to ensure their competitiveness in the market. In addition, excess capacity, technical replacement and the rise of digital media will also lead to more enterprise to merge. In order to adapt to changing market environment, the enterprise must go the way of the differential operation, for customers and provide cross media products and services.
The report points out, in the next five years (2013 ~ 2017), the United States will continue to keep printing slow drop the development trend. With the emergence of various online and advertising, printing materials sales have will further atrophy.

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