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About the American food labels overview of becoming more diverse

The food industry to the continued growth of the food labels continues to be the fastest growth, the most competitive label segments of the market. Food types of subdivision promote label kinds of increase, sales promotion class label use growth is the label favorable factors of the development of industry, but the U.S. food and drug administration (FDA) increasing number of rules is also facing a big label enterprise challenge. In the future, the success of the food labels manufacturers must have cover digital printing presses and flexo machine for the diversity of production capacity to adapt to the demand of the market the long-term development.
Food label industry will have a significant increase
Although the U.S. food and drug administration regulations promulgated the red tape that is used in food label printing printing, the printing ink, the content of the coating and adhesive and so on have many directly or indirectly related to the provisions content, but food label is a few can withstand the economic slowdown branch of one of the industry.
According to a U.S. company compiles the 2011 American label, trademark manufacturers institute (TLMI) index and trends report, the food processing industry's prospects. In fact, the report forecasts, 2012 the U.S. food manufactured will a 2.3% increase over 2011, as food processing industry of sustainable growth again, for food packaging of society is expected to demand and supply will also be in the mid-2012-have increases obviously and related industries should be in this field of growth to be ready. In addition, the report notes that the United States and around the world economy will help to enhance the food processing industry's growth.
More frozen food added to cold labels and the binder demand, and as in the microwave cooking food increases, the market for both on refrigerator also can be in a microwave oven in packaging firm keep the label on the demand will increase gradually. Because food manufacturers have to create new products to meet the an increasingly rapid pace of the world, tag, industry will continue to create products and materials to meet their needs.
Food types subdivision digital printing and application
According to the analysis, promote the food industry is one of the reasons for the growth of the food types of constantly subdivision. For example, many years ago, consumers want to buy drinks, can choose the carbonated soft drinks, and is now in the daily class, the health needs of reducing weight, do not contain caffeine kind of wait for all sorts of different flavors of choice. No doubt, the food labels for manufacturers is a good thing, but at the same time they also is facing some challenges.
Food types of subdivision is required food labels manufacturers must want to look at my equipment. The increase of goods inventory unit caused industry digital printing and flexo debate between. If need ordinary color plate and many times to replace the printing plate, and the number of need and small enough, then, the use of digital printing to operate is more cost-effective. But either way, used for the management of various commodities unit inventory of high quality head-end system is necessary, before printing operation and in the ERP system needs a variety of goods inventory the management of the work unit.
Promotion label increased demand
A strong economy will lead to consumer spending especially for food consumption increases, but in the past few years is a great save consumer habits. According to marketing promotion association coupon ticket in 2008 report of the committee statistics, 97% of American consumers in a supermarket use coupons, but the national annual through the coupons were offered 350 billion dollars of food packaging.
Promotion in the food market is heating up. A lot of food and industry and commerce also hope we can provide more professional service. Sales promotion, the use of the coupons in recent years have been relatively stable, in recent days with industry and commerce in order to stimulate food demand suddenly increased use of this kind of promotion coupons. But, the popularity of coupons for promotion to concoct a copy of the door open coupons. Therefore, in addition to the traditional labels, tags manufacturers also specifically for promotion label increased patent security solutions.
Such as the average consumer, food producers budget during a recession also further cuts, and they need to save as much as possible of spending. Label producers to reflect, the past 78, in all industries, the packaging cost greatly enhance the flexibility, the food industry is perhaps the last began to insist on lower wages industry customers printing.
Digital printing machine can greatly cover the cost. Look from the history, as the traditional printing press mode of operation, need plate, roller, mixed printing ink, typesetting adjustment, made only in printing can be big show price efficiency. And the use of digital printing, do not need the printing plate, and in a few minutes can change live a printing. Knoll prachanda think, it helped create the food companies need, especially with the changing regulations, to better manage inventory, reduce the remains and reduce its carbon footprint.
FDA rules and regulations on food labels influence deepened
The United States for food directly or indirectly influenced countless of raw materials and regulations, but very important. Rules and regulations and technical personnel said, regulations or the lack of technology supervision will be costly, and these regulations on the safety of the ink in the test, especially ink migration is very important. Test must be exactly right to printing in the process of application, in particular production parameters (temperature, humidity, printing speed, etc) is critical, because in different things and printing ink printing conditions can produce different reaction. Migration tests must also simulation storage conditions and consumers to provide the food condition, the different food cooking conditions will use different testing methods. At the same time, the success of the migration tests still depends on the printing ink suppliers and tag manufacturers and suppliers and manufacturers of ink between cooperation, they cooperation through the third party complete laboratory.
However, the United States INX international printing ink company's legal director Kevin method krumm argues that, guarantee the success of the test and food safety labels of the challenges facing is brands, printers or standard manufacturers, printing ink suppliers and raw materials suppliers of continuity and understand the cooperation; For printers and provide the appropriate product, you need throughout the whole supply chain and communication. The high cost of food safety ink is the cause of the chemical raw materials, production and validation selection process control in the whole supply chain are in need.

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