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Future global printing market presents the pattern of The Three Kingdoms tripartite confrontation

Global printing market divided into three parts: the United States, Europe and Asian share of global printing a third of the market. China printing gross industrial output value in 2006 has jumped to the third world.

Global printing market value is 610 billion dollars, North America accounted for 32%, Europe accounted for 32%, Asian 28%, other area accounts for 8%. By 2011, however, the global printing market will "towards the east" : North America will be 28%, Europe will be 31%, Asian 30%, other area accounts for 11%, global printing market output will reach to 720 billion usd.

European printing market has two contrary trend: eastern Europe printing market in the next 5 years of growth rate as high as 51%, and Western Europe is only 12%.

From 2006 to 2011 years before the big 12 global printing market chart to see, China has overtaken Germany and the UK as the third largest printing market. By 2011, however, India will be from 12 th versus eight. Another significant growth market is Indonesia, 2011 total printing will reach to 10 billion usd

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