The United States six big publishers at least two refused to amazon contract terms
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The United States six big publishers at least two refused to amazon contract terms

A few days ago, the famous American of the six publishers at least two refused to renew and amazon. Because the dispute, amazon to the corresponding product promotion adopted negative processing.

Reports say: "this is the first time the six publishers collective resistance and amazon deal". Some reports said, at least two publishers refused to clear, and other four attitude is still not clear.

The main problem from amazon for increased for the ebook "combined promotion expenses" (co-op promotional fees). According to the news, amazon the requirements of the ebook sales promotion costs to 30 times in 2011. The publishers weekly report, from the start in August last year, amazon has always wanted to let publishers in the marketing expenses make more contribution, February this year, the American independent publishers group (IPG) refused to amazon request and find that its e-books have been retreated.

There is no six publishers of books from amazon web site is removed, but the message says, amazon has no longer these publishers to book a positive promotion. Although the report did not specify which publishers lost the amazon promotion support, but from amazon "April bestseller" form, we see a Simon shuster, macmillan, langdon bookstore and Harper Collins of books, but has no penguins and rest of the group, o.

Now, six big publishers are likely to coordinated consistent, uniform resist and amazon deal, especially when different publishers contract expire time different situations.

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