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China has become the excessive packing among the countries with the most serious

Many commodity packaging is need. Packaging is the most direct function is to extend the shelf life, or to the convenience of transportation, carry and from pollution, damage. In addition to these practical function outside, be packing goods attribute also gave birth to the packaging of the practical function: to increase the appeal of packaging products, make good sell and can sell a good price, so we have the excessive packing.
The excessive packing standard is, packing material value more than be packing product price 20%. In our life, there are too many goods are excessive packaging. Due to the excessive packing of the goods, leads directly to the rise in the cost of goods, consumer burden, spent big money, injustice, bought some useless package. With moon cakes, for example: a paperback price a few yuan, moon cakes May 10 yuan, after degrees of packaging cake was may sell a few yuan or even hundreds of yuan, yuan. Really make teeters on the National People's Congress, incredible.
Today's packaging materials, not limited to paper, plastic, more silk, wood, metal, organic glass or crystal etc, it may be said of the luxury extremely, extremely extravagant, caused by the waste of resources is amazing. At present our country has a large commodity excessive packing, city life trash has more than 30% above is of packaging rubbish, and these packaging rubbish in sex more than 50% belong to the excessive packing. China has become the world excessive packing of the countries most affected by, packaging waste accounts for 50% of the volume of solid wastes, abandoned value of 400 billion yuan each year. According to the environmental protection department to provide the data, each year to produce more than 100 million boxes of moon cakes, wasted a lot of woodiness material, equivalent to just a Mid-Autumn festival national people's will "eat" a large forest. And experts calculate such a bill: at present our country a year produce about 1.2 billion shirt, of which 800 million piece is a box, 800 million only need 240000 tons of paper box, if 10 cm in diameter of the trees for the standard calculation, every 7 tree could make a ton of paper, 800 million only packing box is equivalent to cut down the 1.68 million trees.
In addition, accompanying commodity packaging of Tennessee, on the market in serious price distortions, as the price distortion, and stimulate the excessive packing goods, so vicious circle, serious interfere with the sound development of socialist market economy. At the same time, the excessive packing goods feed extravagance and waste, deformity consumption and other unhealthy tendencies, which is unfavorable for the construction of economical society, with the aim of developing circular economy departure from.
Whether enterprise or business and to get considerable development, strengthen their competitive strength, must be in the products of their own on the basis of quality and innovation, only to provide consumers with affordable goods, you can really win the market. Relevant departments have to conscientiously implement the state of limits to the excessive packing goods a series of laws, regulations and policies, for those who violate the provisions of the enterprise or business gives the severe punishment, the truth. The vast number of consumers more to improve consciousness and away from the excessive packing of the goods, to lose market, lose their soil.

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