The quality of the influence of laminating several important factors
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The quality of the influence of laminating several important factors

1, the printing material itself
Paper as prints, it to the nature, the performance of the printing ink, the density of graphic, affects the quality of the coated. If use evenness of poor paper printing, due to the wide to the size of the uptake in ink absorption rate, the speed of not consistently; Will cause the degree paper and evenness, smoothness, water quantitative change. If the ink mark layer too thick too thick, adhesive molecular wetting, diffusion, osmosis ability is poor, between the numerator movement not too lively corresponding, mechanical binding force is small. In addition, in the printing process, in order to enable the prints from the paste version, often in the printing ink to join kerosene, so that the ink layer fast conjunctival, cause ink layer surface crystallization, prints, smooth surface, tenacity, lose adhesion, adhesives can't and wetting affinity, the serious influence bond fastness.
2, process operation, and printing environment on the quality of laminating influence
For products in coated, first in plastic film surface coating a layer of adhesives, although classics drying processing, still can not reach the coated requirements. So to increase when diluted concentration for fast solvent glue dry, but water content, high pressure when there is coated with air bubble, and then peeling, fall off. At the same time, the film easy absorption in the air the oil, moisture, dust and material, so as to reduce the surface function. Humidity, can also affect the evaporation of the solvent adhesive. The solvent remained too much, can be in film produced in air insulation, make the film stick not up, at the same time, the rollers uneven pressure, rubber roller itself uneven, rubber roller on the dirt, can create when coated corrugate.
Appeared above should be how to rule out fault?
A, stick a bad situation there
1, adhesives improper selection, glue is not set, the matching wrong measurement. Should be to choose adhesives varieties and dosage.
2, thinner, contains the yankees and water consumption NCO, main agent hydroxyl not reaction. Should use of high purity acetic acid.
3, prints, the surface has spray powder. With dry cloth to wipe gently.
4, printed ink layer is too thick. Should increase adhesive coating layout, increases the pressure.
5, printed ink layer did not work or do not completely dry. Should first hot pressing again again on glue; Choose high solid content of adhesives; Increase the adhesive coating thickness; Increase the drying temperature way, etc.
6, adhesives was printing ink and paper absorption, make coating is enough. Should return to formula and set of coating.
7, plastic film surface treatment, or more than enough for period, make the treatment face failure. Should be replaced plastic film.
8, pressure slants small, fast speed, low temperature. Should improve coated temperature and pressure due to lower the speed of the car.
Second, appear popping
1, printing ink layer did not work. Should be hot pressing again again on glue; Delay time effect, make them dry thoroughly.
2, printing ink layer is too thick. Should increase adhesive coating quantity, increases the pressure and the composite temperature.
3, drying temperature is too high, adhesive surface crust. Should reduce the drying temperature.
4, compound roll surface temperature is too high. Should reduce the composite rolls temperature.
5, film have ruffled or relaxation phenomenon, film or uneven edge. Should be replaced film, adjust the tension.
6, film surface dirt impurities. Should be cleaned timely.
7, adhesive coating uneven, usage. Should improve coating quantity and evenness.
8, adhesive concentration is too high, viscosity, coating not even. Application thinner, reduce adhesive concentration.
Three, coated wrinkle
1, the mulch roller imbalance. Should be adjusted transfer stick.
2, the film ends not consistent reasonable or wavy edge. Qualified film should be replaced.
3, sub is too thick, the solvent evaporation is not complete, the impact of the viscosity, subject to pressure roller extruding, paper and thin films produced between sliding. Should adjust glue quantity, increase the drying temperature way.
4, electric heat roll and rubber roller ends don't balance, pressure is not consistent, the linear range.

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