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Choose appropriate materials for printing

1. Because do not know the customer to print performance requirements, the production of high-grade material selection, but in fact as long as choose, cheap material can meet the demand of the customers.
2. Because customers don't understand the properties of materials, blindly to label manufacturers do some rigid request, cause unnecessary costs.
For the first kind of circumstance, business personnel should strengthen the communication with customers, to understand customer product performance and so on various aspects of the requirements, and let the experienced technical personnel control, to avoid underused talent.
In the second case, the printing factory and with customers, more efforts should be more coordination, through the appropriate methods to persuade customers, which may encounter a lot of resistance, but it is very important to reduce the cost.
In addition, no special requirements of the situation, some label printing factory choose "joint venture material" or through the ISO certification materials secco. They do it the main consideration to the material performance is good, can satisfy the requirement of label printing, is easier to reach agreement with the customer, choose up and easy and convenient. But to better achieve the target of reducing capital and in the printing of different class tag, can we adopt different grades of printing ink, paper, stickers and other material, in order to effectively control the label printing process of waste.
Reasonable choice of printing mode
Face of distinctive printing mode, in order to reduce equipment debugging time and improve production efficiency, and to a certain extent, improve the quality of products to meet customer demand, label printing according to different grades and a different batches of live parts, products will be classified choose different printing mode again for printing.
The present China's label printing to offset and embossed, screen printing is given priority to, and Europe and the United States and other developed countries mainly USES the flexible printing way. With China's plate making levels rising and the price lower, flexible printing comprehensive cost will greatly reduce, its low investment, the characteristics of the high yields will attract more and more tags manufacturers. In the long run, flexible printing will packaging and printing especially label printing of choice. In the label printing field, printing more and more promising combination, is one of the reasons it can a complete after printing and processing, not only improve the production efficiency, but also reduced the label printing costs.
In addition, when printing mode selected later, if the machine method proper, also can reduce the material waste and machine etc loss. For example, printing high-grade tag, first by ordinary, the price is cheap, light paper machine commissioning, and then put a good material for printing; When the machine commissioning to medium speed boot, commissioning and speed up the machine speed; The pressure plate at the same time the school adjustment, the two steps again after completion of the color, etc.
After printing die cutting pay attention to details
By cutting off in computers, often appear die cutting no phenomenon, and may even cause a lot of tag scrap, and must also stop debugging. If inspectors master bad die cutting standard, also can increase the cost of printing.
In addition, in some adhesive labels (especially a few small area of label printing, tags in die cutting, platoon processing waste often appear waste adhesion phenomenon, this is also causes the printing material waste, one of the main reasons. Suggestions can adopt the following methods to solve.
1. The design tag can be appropriately increased the area of the label, and the labels don't too complex shape, the use of reasonable arrangement.
2. The reduced pressure sensitive material storage workshop and the temperature of the printing shop, prevent self-adhesive materials on viscosity of binder paper face down.
3. Replace use period is longer, the blade hair blunt die cutting blade, or in the die cutting edition with the blade of adhesion between sponge, also can be redone die cutting version.
4. Through the underlying die cutting floor methods and adjustment of die cutting version of the pressure, make die cutting version of the pressure even, die cutting creasing the depth of the agreement.
5. Improve die cutting line the speed of waste.
Scientific management strictly checks
In order to reduce the label printing costs, except in each process more efforts on the outside, still should actively promote standardization, the digital management. Domestic label printing enterprise in introducing new equipment, new technology, and new technology at the same time, should set up the new management ideas, set up the new management, scientific and normative management improve production quality label, reduce the cost. In this respect, tianjin elim have to secco industrial Co., LTD provides us with a very good example. Figure 1 for the company's current management mode sighing. According to relevant controller introduces, this management model in the lower production costs play a very significant role, especially to the new product management with good results.
Determine product requirements
Review product requirements
Production preparation
Make production plan
Product production implementation
Finished goods inspection
Delivery to the
All in all, a scientific management mode can label each production process step organically, and realize the overall control of the production process.
Last word
Reduce the label printing and production cost is a global work, and the key is in pre-press design stage on the reasonable plan as a whole, give consideration to the process of process characteristics, through scientific management from the whole of label printing on the reasonable control, and thus to ensure quality and reduce waste.
In the whole production process, the label printing of producer and customer has also been running through the coordination, impact on the label printed every step of the way. To give clear requirements of customers, label printing factory should be based on the actual situation of our factory to coordinate production and customer requirements, the relationship between the furthest reduce label printing costs.

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