The printing falling year by year, development pressure
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The printing falling year by year, development pressure
From recently learned of the printing on the BBS held in the Netherlands, the European Union organization has 27 member states, 500 million permanent residents in the population, GDP, gross output value of 12 trillion euros. According to related data in 2012, the European Union a total of 11.6 printing enterprises, employees 654000 people, the annual output at 82 billion euros.
For now, the printing industry as a whole market development presents the imbalance situation. According to the statistical data show that in 2012, the German printing output ranked first in the region, followed by Britain, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, etc. Number of printing enterprises in 2007 from about 2007 fell to 2010, 12.2 or so; Workforce all the way down from the 2001 peak of 960000 fell to 2012 in 654000; Output is falling from a peak of about 117 billion euros in 2008 to $2012 by 80 billion euros. According to projections, the European Union region printing output also will be a downward trend in the coming years.
Import and export of printed matter, in 2012, Britain, Germany and France print exports accounted for 32% of all eu printing market, imports accounted for the total printing market value ratio is 24%. Is in rapid development of China's printing industry has become the European Union area print the largest source of imports. From 1999 to 2012, Chinese exports to the eu region of printing all the way up, from the initial is less than 200 million euros to 1 billion euros.
According to the report, packaging and labelling industry will become the largest printing for the future development of the regional "potential". In 2012 the eu packaging and labelling industry output value accounted for 42% of the total market share, and commercial printing came second, accounted for 18%.
Facing to the future development of printing industry the main stress, according to the survey: 64.7% in the eu's printing enterprise think the wages "printing" fierce competition in the first place, followed by the decline in market demand (61%) "and" other media competition (42.3%) ", from "economic crisis" factors ranked fourth (31.5%). (Gold Printing Group)
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