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Canon Asia's largest professional printing products exhibition hall will be opened
Recently, Canon (China) after the launch strategy of "color", held a series aimed at promoting the Canon color output. And the new professional printing products the department can also make a Canon (China) professional printing market share in China reached three times before, at the same time also increases as the strategy of "color" heavy weights, for Canon printing brand became the first breakthrough.
On July 4, 2 PM, "' good 'colors, force the top" - Canon, Asia's largest professional printing products exhibition hall in Shanghai pudong new district Oriental financial G room opening park 1 layer. Canon will then bring on-site customer wide wide, display devices such as digital printing system, and invited the customer experience Canon products and applications. These products will greatly enrich the Canon image output business product range, better meet the needs of users in all walks of life.
The end of the 20th century, under the impact of economic crisis, the international monetary fund appeared a negative growth for the first time in 1946 years, global financial markets also fell into chaos. In order to cope with the crisis, countries take active fiscal policy, stimulate the economy, especially in the development of the strength of emerging economies. Canon also put forward a goal at the time, is to rebuild the financial system of the company as the breakthrough point, the Canon construction has become a global enterprise.
Since founded in 1937, Canon has been successfully conducted in more than 150 countries, including the production and development of various business activities. Next, Canon, and put forward the new development strategy - "the right camera, left office equipment" diversified development. In order to further implement product diversification, Canon has realized the cameras, copiers, printers, and other digital products, and using the Internet technology, has realized the product between the is linked together, provides a new value for age development. According to the globalization and diversity are two basic strategies, Canon company formed since its establishment the steady economic growth and the continued development of the enterprise.
Adhering to the diversified marketing strategies, Canon (China) in the field of professional image output power continuously. In March 2013, "hui sincere, fine arts", Canon (China) professional printing products the department conference and meeting to be held in Beijing. The conference, Canon (China) to the industry formally announced a merger Oce (Oce) business in China, and published the latest corporate sector - Canon (China) of the professional printing products (PPP). Conference site, the newly established professional printing products the department also issued a series of new products. Canon (China) and the west China (Oce) in the field of professional printing combination is a masterpiece of complementary advantages, greatly expanded Canon products category, integrated sales channels, expand the research and development strength. (Gold Printing Group)
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