South Korea printing market present situation and future development direction
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South Korea printing market present situation and future development direction
Currently, South Korea is still the global printing industry leader, is located in the forefront of printed electronics industry. As the world increasingly into the IT era, the south Korean government departments are actively support the development of printed electronics industry. Printed electronics industry including LCD, PDP, OLED, electronic paper, as well as packaging technology (RFID), energy (solar cells and batteries) and its application field.
South Korea printing industry and related industry's market size is about 8 trillion won. There are more than 16000 printing enterprises in Korea, there are more than 700 are concentrated in Seoul. Compared with 64.7% in Seoul and surrounding of the printing enterprise, which suggests that South Korea printing industry is a typical urban industry. By 2012, South Korea's most printing enterprise belongs to small, the specialized enterprise, fewer than 10 employees. The highest in the central district, the density of the printing enterprise, the employees less than 10 people in the company can provide customers with one-stop services, including planning and design, prepress, printing and post-press processing business. But more than 50 large-scale printing enterprise provide the same type of service.
In terms of printing equipment, although before printing and printing equipment is highly dependent on imports, but paper, ink, inkjet after post-processing equipment still mainly rely on domestic products. Processing after printing, laminating, and glazing coating equipment, including folding machine, sealing machine and paper cutter, Korean brands have pushed the global and domestic markets.
In the future, South Korea's development will present five major characteristics: print trend higher quality; Standardized; Ecological friendly; Small batch and product diversification; Revitalization of the online business service through the network. Thanks to South Korea many of the major industry in the past ten years development, the demand for high quality prints are also gradually increasing. Improve the income level should also speed up the development of this trend.
In order to meet this growing demand, printing enterprise increased the investment in equipment and research and development, in order to produce higher quality products. This trend has driven the development of the online post-press processing field production, quality control in the process of production began to strive for. More and more enterprise investment purchase offset press. This resulted in the automation and standardization of work processes, and global competitiveness for construction technology and equipment, and has played a positive role in the human resources team. Anyhow, South Korea printing has been printed in high quality, standardization, and eco-friendly, made full preparation for the global market. (Gold Printing Group)
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