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The printing enterprise sustainable development in domestic printing industry future
The printing industry federation (BPIF) recently released its report printing in the fourth quarter of 2013.According to the report, although the UK printing industry confidence and demand for consecutive years to maintain a high level, but the printing is still obvious low wages and overcapacity problem.
It is reported, although the price of paper and cardboard basic stability in the fourth quarter of 2013, but it is one of the UK printing industry focus.However, the country's publishing industry by the most popular topic is still full of volatility between competitors printing wages.
In spite of this, the UK printing industry confidence index for five consecutive years to maintain high, 55% of respondents said believe 4 quarter of 2013 the market will gets better.For a quarter of 2014 was sanguine about the market situation of the respondents (38%), year-on-year increase in 2013.In addition, the printing enterprise is expected capacity will increase 58%, the highest for six years, the idea that the new business will be increased more than 52%.
Enterprise capacity under this optimistic situation, however, is lower than the expected number, in the third quarter, most of the printing enterprise productivity between 80-89%, 4 quarter appeared back slightly, only 100% of capacity up to 100% of enterprises.
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