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The RR when the power to buy Canada MultiCorpora again
RR when was the leading enterprises in the global business printing company recently announced a formal bid for Canadian MultiCorpora company conversion technology suppliers.After the acquisition will effectively extend the RR when the strength of the solution of the language, so as to realize a multilingual communication with the customers.
MultiCorpora company flagship products include MultiTrans Prism and so on, many governments, international agencies and fortune 500 companies and language service company are the loyal customers of the company. 
"In recent years, our products has been never to stop the development and progress, has now satisfy the requirements of customers all kinds of languages on the current market, consolidated customers will enjoy further services."RR when, the company's chief operating officer Dan Knotts said. 
"As more and more customers begin to integrate all language software, it laid a good market for the company's products base."RR when nally language solutions company, vice President of Christophe Djaouani added.
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