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India print-on-demand market gaining momentum
Most a called "India print-on-demand market survey report, including the Indian on-demand printing printing equipment, digital system to adapt to the situation in the market, future needs, and analysis and forecast the development trend.
It is understood that the investigation lasted more than three months, for more than 20 local printing service providers, distributors and OEM manufacturers for the visit, and mastered a lot of firsthand material.The company's Asia Pacific operations manager Lyle Morton said: "the survey report shows that we want to enter the asia-pacific market determination, we are in countries such as China, India and South Korea have full-time investigators, therefore has the ability to complete this kind of comprehensive survey project."
The company's Indian analysts Xia Erma said: "today's printing industry in India is composed of 250000 different size print service providers, a total turnover of around $20 billion. There are more than 75% of the printing enterprise for family businesses, thus the size of the market is relatively stable."
India has a large population, and also has a large printing market.Offset printing and other simulation technology is widely used to print the market.As with other industries, the printing is also the main service here on exports.As the Indian printing market growing and expanding, print service providers also is considering expanding the scope of the services, such as the introduction of large format printing, digital printing and mixed ink jet printing technology to meet the different needs of the market, it's for India print-on-demand market development have created favorable conditions.
Many want to enter the market of digital printing equipment manufacturers hope to find some in India have a certain size and strength of printing service providers to cooperate.The print service providers must have an open mind and desire to change, and have the courage to try digital printing and other advanced technology.The most important thing is that these enterprises usually have installed the western printing and postpress equipment software, on the basis of the introduction of digital printing system, can save a lot of cost.Of course, some small, capital limited printing service providers are worth the from printing technology equipment manufacturers focus on developed countries.
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