The print advertising spending less than $20 billion for the first time
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The print advertising spending less than $20 billion for the first time
The pew research center of excellence News project recently released research report on the State of the News Media. We'll look at what key information mentioned in the media industry, what are the keywords:
Print advertising
The pew report said, the print AD spending fell $2012 in 1.5 billion, it is also for the first time since 1982, the print advertising spending less than $20 billion. Us print advertising spending fell in 2012, is mainly affected by domestic AD spending fell 10%.
The local news
Local television news ratings fallen overall, only 28% of U.S. residents under the age of 30 with similar programmes to watch news, far less than 42% in 2006.
The pew report said, the decline may be due to the 40% of the local news on sports and the news events, such as weather and digital channels or application can immediately announced the news.
, according to the pew report not just newspapers, including the number of audience news on television, radio, magazine in the 2012 annual show varying degrees of decline. Last year, newsweek published its final print publications. Pew believes that The Times in the near future may follow newsweek's.
Online charge
1380 daily newspapers in the United States, about 450 are or consider charging for online. This is direct reply to print advertising revenue decline. But the pew report also notes that the United States newspaper circulation seems to have stabilised.
Mobile access news also let many people to be able to get more news from more sources, this is another positive found the news industry. Overall, compared with the traditional media, digital news channel is growing. According to the audience size and participate in frequency calculation, digital journalism has transcended the broadcast and print news. Digital news will soon overtake TV, as the main platform for the news.
Bright spot
Pew report for mobile advertising in 2012 increased by 80%, to $2.6 billion. Facebook is one of the most high-profile companies, because the company until mid - 2012 launch a mobile advertising system. Pew noted, however, to the transfer of mobile advertising has not made the local news agency benefit, because the advertisers can through the mobile advertising location of consumer groups. (Gold Printing Group)
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