The potential impact of nanotechnology on printing industry
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The potential impact of nanotechnology on printing industry
NanographicPrintTM technology, was developed by benny, landa, also known as Nanography, unlike other printing techniques, it adopted with LandaNanoInkTM technology innovation system and the printing process, and only one over ten pigment particles of nanometer size special water-based ink.
Different to printing, NanographicPrintingTM technology USES the digital printing a lot of advantages, including shorter turnaround time, reduce waste, printing speed, as well as variable data printing. At the same time, it also has offset printing quality.
Inkjet print stream directly to the image transferred to the substrate, NanographyTM first squirt NanoInk dispersoid to a unique heating pad, and then the ink in the form of ultrathin membrane from mat is transferred to the substrate. Nanography are introduced in detail in this paper how to use offset printing quality and productivity, versatility of digital printing and short-term economic benefits.
LandaNanographicPrint technology is an innovation, it takes advantage of the nanoscale size of pigment to absorb more light than other pigments, so as to get high uniformity of super clear outlets, high gloss fidelity and broad CMYK images of the color gamut, covering at least 15% more than offset printing pantone. (Gold Printing Group)
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