South Korea print book sales plunged 20% in 2012
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South Korea print book sales plunged 20% in 2012
South Korea, according to a report released statistics book consumption (including hardcover books, paperback books and magazines) in the last year has fallen to record lows, books of average household consumption is lower than twenty thousand won ($18.44).
South Korea's new book sales fell by 20% in 2012. Online book purchases from the agency to track the e-commerce activities began in 2001 fell for the first time.
"Publishing market situation to the worst," South Korea HanKi - ho publishing market research center said. Books in 2012, the Korean family month spending of 19206 won, which fell by 7.5% year-on-year, compared to 2003 figures, decline in the proportion of 28%, this figure is shocking.
According to south Korean association of publishers (KPA), according to data from a total of 39767 South Korea's new book published in 2012, and the total amount is 86.97, this is since 2000, for the first time in the book of the year the print runs of less than 100 million.
South Korean film industry, however, has created a new record in 2012, sold a total of 2 billion tickets, and the data and continue to rise this year, in January 2013, to the cinema watch consumer to 23.6 million, this figure increased by 22% than the same period last year. (Gold Printing Group)
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