Letterpress and Plastic Logic common flexible electronic paper display
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Letterpress and Plastic Logic common flexible electronic paper display
In March 2013, Tokyo has "RETAILTECHJAPAN2013" Ming international conference and exhibition center, Japan letterpress and British PlasticLogic company flexible digital signage display for large size products, the products is equal to 42 inches of flexible electronic paper, consists of 16 a 10.7 -inch, 1280 x 960 pixels, solid-colored patchwork electronic paper.
Display elements using EInk holding company in Taiwan to make electrophoretic displays using the front panel. The panel through the organic combination of PlasticLogic located in dresden, Germany factory to drive TFT substrate. PlasticLogic since 2007 to develop flexible organic TFT substrate, construction began in 2008, factory in 2011 established a production system, and now are using 3.5 generation of the size of the plastic substrate to produce organic TFT display driver.
PlasticLogic says DeanBaker review, general manager of business development Asia, displays in the organic TFT driver in the production process, "the most arduous technology transfer from r&d equipment to the factory". R&d is a 10.7 -inch screen manufacturing equipment, and use the 3.5 generation of large size plastic base board factory to 1 piece of base board cutting out 9 10.7 -inch screen. This aspect of the process is the most important change in energy. Has now passed this difficulty, at present each year up to 1 million pieces of production can be realized. Besides digital signage industry USES, DeanBaker expectations of the company's electronic paper also can be used in smartphones and tablets, vice screen use.
The two companies will continue to try to improve the products in the future. Mainly is to reduce the joint between the electronic paper in the eye to recognize the effects of sex, will use two main ways. Is a single electronic paper size increase to the point of greater than 10.7 inches, and number of sheets will be used from 16 to 8, or even four. 2 it is to eliminate the difference in height between the seams. Electronic paper as roof tiles, currently exists in the joint gap, will in future efforts to achieve together on the same plane. (Gold Printing Group)
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