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The European Union will push the new standards, waste paper papermaking enterprises panic
The eu will come up with a new standard for waste paper, causing the paper industry panic in Europe. To waste paper as the main raw material of many local paper business concern will be "no rice pot" in the future.
On September 11, 6 huge waste heaps before the commission building line, this is not what an artist exhibits, but European pulp and paper industry in protest against the European commission is formulating standard of waste paper defined, because this can make them "no rice pot" in the future.
By the old newspapers, broken cardboard and other paper crib is formed from the accumulation of waste paper or after recycled goods? This definition may change soon. In Europe, a piece of paper to the cycle of tour includes: use, discard, collection, recycling, processing. According to the current standard, used paper before sent to paper mills reengineering is "paper", must comply with European Union (eu) waste directive, only through strict grading paper can transfer, buy and sell. But the European commission plans to change this definition standard: once in "collecting" link, after simple sorting, packaging, these old newspapers, broken cartons is no longer a waste paper, and turned into a tradable commodity.
The European Union is now a waste paper recycling industry world champion, last year, about 58 million tonnes of waste paper recycling, recovery rate was 71.7%. Most obvious reengineering become the new paper products, for the paper industry, waste paper is one of the main raw materials, many factories are even totally dependent on waste paper. After the European paper industry association worry, standards will reduce the strict degree of sorting waste paper further sorting recycled pressure will fall on the papermaking enterprises, which means that more equipment and personnel. In addition, a large number of waste paper can be imported from outside the eu countries, to let the eu "no rice pot" papermaking industry. Over the past few years, paper mill populations in Europe. (Gold Printing Group)
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