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European newspapers by the great depression, the digital revolution is a lack of preparation
The United States on September 15, the Wall Street journal reported that European newspapers receive government subsidies for a long time, coupled with rich newspaper boss heavy political influence and ignores the profit, in funding and print advertising, under the influence of reduction is facing the plight of losses and layoffs. According to the report, under the drive of pressure, American newspaper group is already cut spending, declared bankruptcy or to seek online advertising and subscriptions. Until recently, European newspapers group feel the pressure. French newspaper last year for 800 million euros ($1.06 billion) in subsidies and tax breaks; Greece has as many as 70 newspapers before the crisis, most of the ads in state-owned enterprises to earn a living. But the report says, the subsidies and tax system is disintegrating, impacted by the crisis the most severe in southern Europe. In print advertising revenue fell sharply as government spending cuts in newspaper subsidies and shrink, the French weekly BBS newspaper transformation, el pais in Spain boss is on the verge of bankruptcy, Spain and Greece and there are many newspaper shut down. The Wall Street journal believe that the European debt crisis highlights in the government over the years, under the protection of the European newspapers to promote the digital revolution, lack of preparation. In many cases, the rich newspaper boss of weak business strategy and loss also turn a blind eye, this means that the situation may get better soon. (Gold Printing Group)
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