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In 2013 Germany printing industry development is still weak
According to the report, the German association of print media (BVDM) unveiled a new data of the development of the printing industry in the near future. Released from the case it is not hard to see, the influence factors of economy, industrial structural change and wages lower larger influence on printing industry. As a result, the German association of print media is expected economic situation does not really improve, printing industry in the whole year of 2013 is still bad.
German printing industry has experienced years of hardship. The reason for this is that excess capacity, huge structural change and the impact of digital technology. In recent 5 years printing smaller - businesses and reduce staff, lower sales, wages fell sharply. In 2012, the printing industry for about 9400 companies, sales of approximately eur 20.5 billion. This is equivalent to 2.5% less than a year (21.05 billion euros). In April 2013, sales continue to reduce 3.4%.
Association President rolf blamed the printing services for the printing of this recession wages dramatically reduce: "other industries to perform well in higher prices." Although the wages of printing services in 2012 increased by 1.1%, but it is not compensate for the cost rise sharply over the years, especially in the energy and raw material costs.
Even so, the printing industry capacity utilization is improved and reached 81.8% in 2012 than the previous year increased by 0.4% 81.4%. Association President rolf said: "the printing in the closed and jobs to reduce enterprise. At present, the German printing industry has about 151385 employees, 2% less than the previous year (2011:2011). The decrease in the number of enterprises 3.5%, to 9403 (2011:9746). 20 to 49 people printing enterprise staffs loss, the largest decline of 7%, reduce 2179 people."
Printing professional training proportion Numbers are similar to the industry's overall development situation, reduced 2.22% accept trainers decreased to 14722 persons. But the printing is still in the current training proportion is higher than the industry average of 8.89%.
Print media association actively optimistic about the long-term future of printing industry. Print advertising occupies 68% share of Germany, the largest proportion in all kinds of advertising. According to the survey shows that, compared with the electronic media, printed in the scope of influence, advertising effect, effect and the sustainable development has the advantage. Association executive director Paul Dai Mo called on both sides of Labour and capital: "the employers and the union wage agreement negotiations, in the future must be together to make the necessary changes to your wage agreement, in order to get the salary collective agreement, the printing industry sustainable development in the future." Paul Dai Mo explicitly pointed out that in the next few years printing industry will also do many future tasks. (Gold Printing Group)
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