Digital printing industry developing rapidly, made gratifying achievements
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Digital printing industry developing rapidly, made gratifying achievements
2013 digital printing development BBS in tianjin meijiang convention center and the expo held the same period. From HP, founder, MBO and other corporate representatives to share the development situation of the digital printing in recent years with examples. The current development of digital printing is moderate, the digital printing industry to realize the further development of our country, still need to draw lessons from foreign successful experience, open minded.
Digital printing development steady
Although the current digital printing overall proportion is not high, but has a place in the traditional mainstream printing processing. Books and periodicals, according to relevant data, printing, packaging printing and commercial printing worldwide proportion is 33%, 24% and 33% respectively. Digital printing in three kinds of printing business application proportion is different, of which demand more kinds of urgent, short version live more, commercial printing offices accounted for the highest percentage of up to 16%; Books and periodicals printing accounted for 7%; Packaging and printing accounted for about 3%. In general, the digital printing of printing than the total value is approximately 10%. Because today hard-won digital printing, offset printing for producers and users of printing has formed very cure, the effect of offset printing to do, many, including digital printing technology is a new technology.
In the development of digital printing as a means of processing, must satisfy customers for printing quality, cost, speed, wide and substrates such as many requirements. Because of science and technology progress over the years, kodak, HP, global group manufacturers such as continuous efforts, digital printing has break through the threshold. At the end of September 12, the United States Print13 fair, calculated in accordance with the exhibition area of the top ten besides komori, none is offset printing equipment manufacturing enterprises. Thus, in the United States market, we concern for digital printing machine is very high.
Hot is in recent years, a lot of printing of the show's B2, B3, wide digital printing machine. In recent years, kodak, Fuji, screen and other manufacturers are rolled out in B2 wide digital printing machine. From the point of trend in the future, digital printing to a further increase in wide, printing speed will continue to ascend.
Although new devices are emerging, but in the current situation, future development of the printing industry by increasing product past to less fit, in the future, including digital printing enterprise printing need to pay more attention to efficiency at the same time in the investment in fixed assets. In the future development, enterprise's success and failure does not depend on the size, depends more on efficiency. (Gold Printing Group)
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