Dissolved Australia printing continues to decline, industry association
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Dissolved Australia printing continues to decline, industry association
Australia on September 5, local time, printing and finishing in Australia teacher association dissolved, after ten years of career. On the same day, the association's annual meeting, the members unanimously by dissolution of bill. Association of dissolution of the cleanup will be completed in the next six months, the three important members of the association shall be responsible for.
It is understood that the Australian print finishing association was founded in 2003. Printing and finishing, comparative shortage in Australia, is one of Australia's skilled migrant career. Job skills is binding books and other publications, printed matter, to prepare the template, set up and operating power drive and manual screen printing equipment.
Australia's printing industry association survey in May this year, the report said Australia's printing price has 46 consecutive quarters of decline, the difficulty of the enterprise to obtain loans 18 consecutive quarters keep increasing, while the number of available labor force 10 consecutive quarters of decline. In addition, the printing enterprise's net profit, cost, order, production, employment and investment data are also continued to deteriorate.
Australia's printing industry has 18 consecutive quarterly performance is lower than expected. Is expected in the future, Australia printing in net profit, sales, orders, production and Labour availability will be improved, and in terms of cost, price, loans, and employment statistics is still not optimistic. (Gold Printing Group)
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