The current situation of the development of environmental protection printing
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The current situation of the development of environmental protection printing
Environmental problem has been bothering us nearly forty years of time - this is not a new problem, that why it until now to cause the attention of the industry?
When the problem in some years ago on a television program is put forward for the first time, no one consciousness we are discussing is a "carbon footprint" problem. From then on, we often can see someone mention carbon emissions or other problems related to the environment. Environmental problem is a has been bothering us forty years old, that why it until now to cause the attention of the industry?
All kinds of natural disasters occurred frequently changed our views on environmental issues. A wal-mart environmental initiatives, global climate warming, rising price of crude oil and petroleum base of raw materials for decreased so that we have reason to believe that: to solve the problems of environment have already been imminent. Of course, there are other factors encourage people to improve the environmental protection seriously, but we cannot ignore the fact that the degree of attention paid to the environment, the higher the governments impose packing tax, carbon tax and for some material limited strength will also become more high.
For any one product manufacturer is concerned, this is a sensitive problem, they worry about environmental problems will affect the customer to make purchase decision. When customers purchase decision affected, material cost rising sharply and profit significant decline, environmental problems will become a business problem, and it is also the problems facing us today. Retailers and other consumer will start according to the product environmental protection characteristics to make buying decisions, the government will also take some might be in public security harm material into the scope of tax.
Define sustainability
Whether it and green production? Sustainability is often we can hear a word, it has a lot of different definitions, but the most simple refers to our generation to meet their own needs at the same time does not affect generation to meet their demand ability. Sustainability has completely beyond the "green manufacturing" category. The latter is concerned about the production of the impact on the environment, and sometimes will also consider other factors, and the former advocate is a kind of pursuit balance production methods.
We want to realize the profit, the environment needs and social needs of the balance. Many companies have found themselves was able to keep business growth and profit at the same time, reduce business and products to the environmental and social produce negative influence. Most large enterprises have started to use this concept to manage their own business, and it has become a business partner and choose one of the core elements.
Soft seal customers often ask us what sustainability in the efforts to develop what and whether the corresponding sustainable development plan, we believe that a lot of customer like and to have this kind of plan of the printing service suppliers, and resource protection will become all of our long-term goal.
Although the sustainable development has a variety of different definitions, but the bottom line is only one, that is, production and sales for natural resources usage and at least in processing of human life and not the earth's ecological system to produce harmful products. To realize the sustainable development of packaging industry, we must pay attention to abide by the principle of 4 r (i.e., reduction, reuse, recovery and regeneration). Although the concept decades ago is presented, but whether it can play a major role depends on the social popular culture and the culture of environmental value degree.
Wal-mart's driving force
By the end of 2006, wal-mart announced their sustainable development plan. The plan goal is very great, and a specific implementation steps. It covers the wal-mart sales of all products and its own management work. Wal-mart not only create a magnificent goal, and the supplier also puts forward the corresponding requirements. There are a few even packing and soft version printing have great influence on the:
In 2013 the supply chain packing decreased by 5%.
Solid waste will be reduced by 25%.
Let the sustainable products in the supply chain and the proportion of 20%.
In order to emphasize the importance of sustainable development, wal-mart has said in the future for a long time to the job as the company's top priority to do. This not only caused the industry's strong concern, and make a lot of wal-mart suppliers in panic, they don't know whether this will change with the big customer relationship between. The retail giant will to product sustainability evaluation, and require suppliers to provide each SKU (inventory units) detailed information. Each packing will be after evaluation and classification, all may on sustainability of the influence factors have to be included in the scope of score. (Gold Printing Group)
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