Common printing graphic design services
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Common printing graphic design services
First, logo design, trademark design, logo design, logo design)
Mark is the core of enterprise cohesion, is standing in the ShuaiQi not war. Through to the enterprise market, idea and culture integration, planning and design the most suitable for the enterprise or the brand vision image. The main work includes: brand name, logo design (logo design)
Second, VI design (corporate identity system design)
Enterprise image recognition system design (CI design or VI design) is the enterprise culture of visual symbol, is the enterprise values of the visual carrier. In shaping a team process, represents a team beliefs, ideal and ambition. Which is united and distinctive brand image, make the enterprise and the market more effective communication, to help consumers to enterprise and its products to establish good will and confidence, strengthen market power. VI design, contains business card design, logo design, envelope design, letterhead design, and so on a series of related enterprise design, and later and enterprise related design will this system for design basis.
Third, the picture album design, ChanPinXing record design, sample design, enterprise annual report design
With smooth lines and harmonious picture, match with beautiful words, all-round three-dimensional display enterprise style, idea, brand image. Specific work include: enterprise and product pictorial design, ChanPinXing record design, sample design, enterprise annual report design, mostly is paper prints, all need printing made.
Four, magazine design, POP design, store terminal vivid design
magazine design stress creativity and impact, stereoscopic display enterprise products, culture, philosophy, and most of the pictures and words combination packing the common design form bright contrast, have very strong marketing force. Specific work includes: magazine design, pop design, poster design, product store display design, etc, which only posters, magazine and so on need printing. (Gold Printing Group)
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