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Environmental protection bag how to design printing
The so-called environmental protection bag, it is to point to is the production materials can be natural degradation, and the degradation time is not too long, at the same time, can be repeated many times to use bag.
Environmental protection bag should have two aspects, on the one hand, is to use made of natural material can be reused, On the other hand is, the bad won't be in the natural environment residual solid waste, environmental harm relative to other material is smaller.
In the environmental protection bag design printing, for general dry, it is recommended to use the waste or the waste, according to A or B grade cow leather case board technical indicators to control the base paper production. Coat can liner, can also don't hang, according to want to print complex design and advertising. At the same time, the quantitative sheet in 135 to 150 g/m2.. 25 * and * 15 cm bag bear weight can reach 8 to 15 kg.
Need to have the goods under water, also can use all the waste paper. Only on the basis of the above standard, add some wet strength agent 0.5 to 1.0%, wet strength up to 10 to 15% of the dry strength can.
Environmental protection bag design printing need in papermaking process in plasma add or surface coated with environmental protection prevent oil, also can use the surface strength good cow leather case board paper secondary spray water soluble or degradation type resin.
In the design of environmental protection bags, first of all to outstanding environmental protection effect, design according to the theme of environmental protection bags and decide, show clear tonal, or easy to understand, or abstract conceptualization, there were certain standards and requirements.
Environmental protection bag printing, because usually is in non-woven fabric printing, color must according to the choice of fabric to shading and color is tie-in, can clear bright. (Gold Printing Group)
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