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Personalized prints of the five little knowledge
1. A film about the cover
If the print need to use for a period of time, it is suggested that cover done film processing. Number less than ten zhang's suggested that cold film, more faster, and do not need to boot fee; Number more than ten piece of advice overheating membrane, the effect is better, and the amount is, the more the more cheap price.
2. Cover about a spine
Binding books and hardcover back a must consider the number of pages and pages of the factors such as the thickness of the paper.
3. About whether to cover
Binding books, hardcover, saddle stitching, unidirectional clamp, two-way clip, etc., which cover is together.
Iron ring pack, ring outfit, brass buckle outfit, silver clasp outfit, d music bars, clamp regula, etc., which cover, back cover is separate.
4. About saddle stitching
Saddle stitching outfit, cutting into finished products, the farther inside pages of the smaller size, layout to pay special attention to.
Saddle stitching the number of sheets must be a power of 2, pages must be a multiple of 4.
5. About stamping press silver
Hot stamping silver, para is difficulty is higher, and more time-consuming process; So, in making documents or typesetting, try to do more this considerations: in hot stamping, don't need to do accurate para work, also can hot stamping out, and do not affect the effect! (Gold Printing Group)
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