Printing News
Discuss the newspaper design printing
The newspaper is published news and current affairs review is given priority to, regularly to the public issue of printed publications. A newspaper is an important carrier of mass communication, have reflect and guide public opinion function.
Newspaper as a carrier to express public opinion arises at the historic moment, plays a record, bearing cultural function. The newspaper printing need handwriting clear, on the design layout clear. According to the reader's reading habits, allowing readers to read important news and content of pictures and words, pay attention to the coordination control, especially the headlines are important; In printing, the printing ink to mix well, ensure the font and handwriting clear degree.
The newspaper report by the head, eyes, position, column composition. Header has the most significant position, mostly in a version of the top left corner, the header is mainly application, header below indicate the editing and publishing department, publishing registration number, total issue, publication date, etc.
Position is usually the first edition is important news version, in horizontal layout of the newspaper on the upper left corner, than the top right corner important. The reader from the position and size of the newspaper headlines about the standpoint, viewpoint and attitude.
The newspaper design printing, creating multiple cultural dance of platform is the first duty of the newspaper, newspapers need to create a life of good skills, successful work patterns, good ideas are loaded. At the same time open for the audience to express the voice of space, form a harmonious environment of public opinion. (Gold Printing Group)
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