Press static maintenance
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Press static maintenance
Press static maintenance refers to the machine at static state of the machine maintenance.
1. Set up machine maintenance rules and regulations. Offset printing machine maintenance should be machine specifications shall prevail. Such as regular in oil, cleaning filter, regular testing machine precision, etc.
2. An important part to strengthen the maintenance. Gear, CAM, sprocket, roller and bearing of these components is the most important element of a printer, their maintenance to different from other parts, because they change will affect the accuracy of the final printing quality. Spring is a machine used to force balance mechanism most parts, they work is good or bad has a direct impact on the moving parts and cooperate with each other accuracy height, spring must have sensitive elastic, and anelastic and unrecoverable plastic deformation on spring work is extremely disadvantageous. Such as the discovery of the above problems need immediate replacement for spring.
3. Technical reform, strengthen the machine maintenance. Machine maintenance requirements for the machine in the design fully considering the machine maintenance convenience. But because of the complexity of the printing press, each factor are considering is obviously not possible, and environmental change, machine maintenance content will also change. So for those who go against the structure of the machine maintenance in does not affect the normal work under the premise of improved.
Press is the center of the equipment, but also all the equipment in the highest utilization rate of equipment. In order to guarantee the normal operation of printing machine, daily maintenance and maintenance is necessary is very necessary. Press the daily maintenance and maintenance is printing equipment management of an important task.
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