The current part of the small printing enterprise closed help to optimize industry resources
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The current part of the small printing enterprise closed help to optimize industry resources

In recent times, a few small printing enterprise information constantly been closed the printing media, cause the attention of industry and anxiety, industry insiders to this also think differently. Gold Prining Group think, general small seal of the closing of the enterprise reflects the socialist market economic operation of the normal trend and the stage results.
A few small seal of the closing of the enterprises, can make the printing market environment tend to be benign, make the printing enterprise and industry situation for the better. Small print stand close, will implement some regulations action, first, will sell equipment (some equipment will direct scrap). Second, must be sent staff (some employees will be from printing industry employment). The two measures, can make the established within the field of printing total production ability narrowed, thus gradually correct the imbalance of supply and demand. Third, will undertake the original order, fall to the left printing enterprise, this will improve retained printing enterprise starts and printing of concentration.
The implementation of the above three measures, will make retained printing enterprise unit of fixed cost reduction, the profit is improved. To order quantity higher than production capacity of period of time, printing wages will increase. The improvement of printing wages, will promote printing introduced advanced equipment, materials, technology, process, employees (training), so as to enhance the overall quality of the printing industry, research and development, the level of management.
But, we must be clearly to foresee, when wages increased to make profit more than the bank deposit interest rate printing, would cause printing production capacity of the new; When printing total production ability is greater than the task for printing, of the survival of the fittest process will be repeated show.
To the whole quality is not high, should realize the weak exit. But the specific resources (the order, staff, equipment, etc.) of the analytical disposal, should take advantage of integration, the weak exit. The identification of equipment such as processing, pay attention to the equipment should not out to the less developed areas.
And to have a objective difficulty of strong small printing enterprise, should be advised its adhere to, and help to solve the puzzle (such as loan).
Have a difficult strong small printing enterprise, also do not busy follow suit exit, and to calm observation to change, and actively take action. On the one hand may to the government, the association reflects difficult, for aid; On the other hand, it can seal off while brother enterprises opportunity, will the advantage resources (the order, staff, equipment, etc.) integration to yourself, and strengthen the body, and to fight another day.
Management department is worth take hold, try and timely supply and demand correctly printing quantity, and inflection point, both must prevent a cold, and to prevent overheating, will losses to a minimum.
To do this, first to be through the real and effective statistics method, the master in the local printing market supply and demand of total objective (including prediction) data; And then may printing on supply and demand of inflection point foreseeable and guidance, reduce market losses from blindness and hysteresis.
In the small print enterprises failed agitation, generally should prevent enterprise quit too much, so that cannot meet the demand of market. In the new printing enterprises approved into, be sure to total amount control, prevent new overheating; And the control of structure and quality, strive to achieve the comprehensive and balanced three, and optimize the operation of the health for the printing industry benign and development.

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