Books about solving printing excess capacity are discussed
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Books about solving printing excess capacity are discussed

Books printing overcapacity is a long-standing history problem. In how to transfer surplus production capacity, the business has two worry: it is a very easy to form books production capacity to turned to do other, one thousand production busy, not unprepared, disturb production structure. 2 it is the excessive production capacity is very professional talented workers, in the books other than dry printing books don't no expertise. Really want to workers turned to thousands of other, enterprise at the crossing, really didn't want to.
As is known to all, dozens of version of the newspaper the price just one yuan or so, printing and how to apportion from? A the printed magazine also but sell 10 yuan a, now advertising reduce, the magazine's involvement don't say, enterprise should do? Books by the impact of the multimedia, press are having a bad time, the situation is more cans be imagined. Since books printing imbalance, and brings to the enterprise heavy burden, again not to carry out enterprise structure adjustment is no way out. So, looking for new economic growth point and new development mode is printing enterprise of the moment.
Books printing enterprise should change the first business philosophy, from the requirement of the market, according to own enterprise production characteristics, look for new development way. For example, the cycle is short, called the little book is more and more, and even the internal material enterprises and institutions will be fast printing, so the rapid increase in demand personalized printing, the printing enterprise for books is not an opportunity? Printing enterprise only cater to the needs of society, the transformation of development way, can for enterprise fight our way out.
In addition, to inventory problem, actually can change a thinking. Inventory has two meanings, one is the product inventory, 2 it is raw material inventory. For printing companies first does not exist problems, because as the single construction, want to have inventory is also a customer inventory. The second inventory is printing enterprise hide hide not to drop in stock. In order to normal production, enterprise have to note raw material, production should need. This is a long-term of the formation of the production practice. But now there is a word, called zero inventory. If printing enterprise change a thinking, adjust the inventory structure, the enterprise may is a new world. Can do zero inventory, and for enterprises to save much money!
Borrow someone else's egg is not impossible. In circulation enterprise also have a word that agent distribution, logistics department is to your door to door delivery goods, when used, even the warehouses were not into, directly to the workshop. Gold Printing Group printing is to use the agency PeiSongZhi middle and primary school textbooks way, as long as this is proper, the reality is a win-win solutions. But some people can't see this, always feel heart not pragmatic, even afraid of a fall for it. Actually it's not strange, decades of the formation of the old experience, overnight zero inventory, a bit not used to. The books printing enterprise go out circles, the key problem is still thinking. As long as can transform thinking, can open up a new heaven and earth for the enterprise and a broader market.

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