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Germany entity bookstore embrace electronic reading

According to German bookseller association report shows, Germany from 2004 to 2010 and steady growth of the book sales, sales from 9.2 billion euros to grow to 9.7 billion euros, of which, the entity bookstore always firmly grasp the main sales market position, sales for 4.92 billion euros, accounted for 50.6%. At the same time, Germany's book also face and China and around the world from the same problems to face: how to deal with the impact of the new electronic reading?
And traditional domestic book talk about e-books will color is different, the German publishing entities and traditional bookstores face electronic publishing is calm, they basically cautious welcome posture, emphasize coexistence, instead of competition, saying traditional publishing with ebook should be complementary.
According to the German sound of a survey last year, about 30% of the German press has put their electronic books, but at the same time, they are expected to electronic reading of the benefits of not more than their actual 1.8% of sales, they only one-third of the readers understand the concept of "electronic reading", and these people again only 1/8 of the people will choose to buy and download the ebook. So, and electronic reading has gradually become fashion in China (at least big city), compared to Germany both published party or reader all appear more conservative.
On the one hand, is based on a real consideration: although electronic reading in the technology of the more mature, but there are many uncertain factors. For example, the determination of some regulations, such as the value added tax of electronic reading problems, pricing problem with apple or amazon, transnational electronic terminals QuanZeLi problems such as providers of division. In the law and rules that didn't make the mature experience under former, Germany is hard to swallow all.
On the other hand, perhaps should from the German national character and social value orientation to find the reasons. Germany is a more conservative and cultural values of the traditional country, in public and the concept of the mainstream of the society, like iPad and Kindle electronic reader has such fuzzy even breaking the "book" and "display" boundary, the former represents the traditional knowledge, and the latter is like a colorful dynamic world. If the future ebook (including speech book) toward more stereo multimedia direction, will certainly attract more and more young people choose electronic reading, but people won't give up so entity book. True in line with the concept of traditional reading publications will still continue to entity book form even down to steady growth. This is the coexistence, rather than the competition.
From this Angle of the publishing industry in China with the present situation of electronic reading, perhaps should have inspired. Now many are domestic fashion, especially the young people by South Korea influence, the eye view ears to hear a digital in all aspects, reading group was electronic and network publishing shunt obvious, but any time the crowd has divided, even in the same crowd also often coexist with different reading habits, could be complementary. So, in the current environment, domestic publishing industry should be emphasized is to promote the co-existence is mutual development, but not emphasize both the opposition and competition (competition should exist in the different business entity with industry than between different categories with industry between), the need to countries in the macro policy level a difference. Based on the recent domestic entities of the bookstore living situation nervous as an example, if can open all aspects of monopoly, the folk publishing, printing and issue, including tax each link restrictions and cost reduction, believe a lot of entity bookstore will survive.
Of course, basically, from traditional to continue to develop, is not a technical problem, not economic problems, in in one's heart is a cultural issues, needs to mature, composed and advocating the traditional national character, but it's a long road to development. Perhaps this is today insisted to Chinese cultural meaning.

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