China in the drew and second exhibition enterprise number after Germany
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China in the drew and second exhibition enterprise number after Germany

Drew and Drupa 2012 will be on May 3, 2012-16 in Dusseldorf exhibition centre. This exhibition, from the power of China to become the most popular one of elements.
According to the Drupa 2012-messe group revealed that this exhibition, Chinese exhibition area up to an unprecedented 11440 square meters (sales area), success beyond Japan and the United States, only ranked Germany, Italy and Britain after, become the fourth largest exhibition CanZhanGuo; China's exhibition area accounts for the total sales exhibition area (165487 square meters) of about 7%. If the number to the enterprise statistics, the China with 239 exhibitors, after Germany native, was the second; China's total number of exhibitors exhibition exhibitors (1766 home) of about 13.5%. Global printing industry is feel more and more Chinese forces.
In Drupa 2012 media and drew on activity week, many international famous participate in activities of manufacturing enterprise, in speech said China has become enterprise in the world's largest single market (not including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). The exhibition the organizers are expecting, to come to visit Chinese audience, number will set a new record.
China, China's printing industry, is becoming drew ba Drupa 2012 exhibition of the important pillars; China printing enterprise, China printing manufacturing enterprise, also more and more get attention and respect from around the world.

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