China printing ink production and the development of the market
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China printing ink production and the development of the market

China's total output of the world of ink printing ink 5 ~ 6%, ranking 4, in the United States, Japan, Germany after, and each year to l0 % above speed increases. In our country, including the largest share of the ink, the 40-45% of the market, the annual rate of nearly 6%, flexible printing inks, with the ratio of 5% a year growth, intaglio printing ink to maintain steady growth, silk screen printing inks growth trend, alcohol has dissolved ink and water-based ink requirement will be increased quickly.
China's printing industry and ink production enterprise of distribution is an interesting feature that each manufacturer are consciously or unconsciously go specialization road, 10 ink manufacturers are basically offset printing ink factory, or gravure ink maker, and with its individual species of printing ink amount as the main products, developed in recent years to printing ink factory were much more prominent, the basic are going in the professional road and walk market promotion road. This years domestic packaging and printing base in high speed development up around also, jiangsu, guangdong area of the pearl river delta and the chaoshan area, etc. In the past few years in packaging and printing ink industry along the development is faster, and have a more obvious features is the first introduction complete printing equipment and the ink, the printing ink after localization, and, following the printing equipment and localization. Guangdong province in recent years, the printing ink of enterprise development also rise, especially in the 90 s the chaoshan area of the development of the manufacturers have ink dozens, and several yield more than 2000 t. Domestic printing ink enterprise's characteristic:
1. Multinational companies and joint venture company occupied domestic high-end market, such as Japan, resistance to China, such as high, DIC's, the main products are offset printing ink-plastic compound printing ink, newspapers ink, and so on; The products of good quality, high speed printing, and is suitable for high-grade printing press printed packaging materials and print. And the newspaper high-speed printing. Its total ink production nearly 10-120000 t or so.
2. A large number of private enterprise (about 1000 above) occupied the low end of the market, the main product is carton printing ink (water-based low-grade primarily), intaglio printing ink printing ink, the plastic. Its product quality have some guarantee, used in domestic printing the general public demand cheap printing machine materials packaging printing. As for students, shopping bag cartons, etc. The total output in ink to statistics, also estimated to have a 8-100000 t. Make good private ink enterprise, not perfection, specialized to make its own characteristic.
3. The state-owned enterprise, can produce all kinds of ink to traditional products, in the midrange products have a certain competitive power. At present with the enterprise restructuring, into the above two kinds of enterprise, leaving more and more downhill, annual production is about 4 ~ 50000 t.

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